The Revolution of Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors combines the beauty of scent with stories, for customers to create their own personal story. They mission is to inspire others, similarly to a good book. The brand was created in 2012 and today has 18 perfumes to chose from. Imaginary Authors has created unique fragrances to appeal to both the male and female gender, in other words they’re unisex !


As you all know, Bel Rebel adores niche brands that have beautiful story to tell and thats why Imaginary Authors fits our criteria. The founder Josh Meyer needed to be a topic of conversation because he managed to curate a line that not only looks great ( ascetically) but smells so wonderful that it transports you into another universe. Bel Rebel needed to know his sources of inspiration and his overall mindset on his brand. We asked him a few questions and here they are !

What made you decide to create your own perfume brand ?

When I discovered unique and interesting perfume brands outside of the world of department stores, I fell really deeply in love with perfume as an experience. When I started Imaginary Authors, I really believed I could add more to the world of fragrances in my own way... and continue to hope we offer something particularly unique.

Whats your background in terms of studies ?

I'm self taught. But, "taught" isn't quite right... every perfume I make feels like a brand new learning experience. Each time it is something new and starting all over again.

What were your main sources of inspiration ?


Talking about the Pacific NW here in the States is an easy answer because we have such an incredible landscape of sea, city life and old growth forests... but, it's really about each fragrance and using the materials to find something  that comes together to be a fun, interesting and wearable experience.

How was it starting your own perfume line ? 

Nothing in life has been nearly as rewarding as starting the line and getting it out into the world. It's thrilling to hear  and continuing to make the most fun, elegant and weird perfumes for people to enjoy... 

What do you do that keeps you motivated and focused ?

There are so many deep joys in life - for perfume to be one of those things is particularly special.  Variety is the spice of life and it's not hard to stay motivated to make more fun fragrance. 

What is something you learned from starting Imaginary Authors ?


Perfume is not hard and not easy to make, some sandalwood and lemon smells spectacular together if you have good sources, but making something wildly unique is a process that is very different.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own brand, or even their own perfume line ? 

Make what you like, not what you think other people will like.

Do you have any new and upcoming projects or perfumes coming soon that we should know about ? 

Soaps! We're releasing two different perfumed bar soaps that are out of this world! They're exceptionally high quality with vitamin E & Shea Butter and fill the bath with fragrance. I'm completely thrilled about them! 

Natalia Mizejewska