Do you believe in a signature scent?

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Do you believe in a signature scent?

Since you’re browsing a perfume boutique website, I might safely assume that you are on the opposite side of this argument and you rather build a wardrobe of scents, that somehow has been growing drastically since you got hooked up on the perfumery some time ago. Maybe I am wrong. Perhaps you’re constantly looking for your fragrant holy grail. There is something very exciting about this search, even though you subconsciously realise that it may never end.

What makes a perfume ideal for you?

Perhaps you have already discovered that there are certain notes and groups of perfumes that you like the most. Sometimes, this may be very misleading. It may be just way too broad to say that you are not fond of florals – it’s a huge group of fragrances, consisting of so many versatile scents that you could be very surprised discovering you do indeed like a hint of jasmine and ylang-ylang. You might passionately stay against roses in perfumes when you realise that this flower is an ingredient of so many different scents and sometimes, its qualities change so much that you don’t find it annoying anymore. While shopping for the next scent, you can be lucky enough to come across very knowledgeable assistant who will help you find out that all the presumptions might be very wrong.

It will not be wrong to say that perfumes do reflect our mood and personality. For some it will be more important than for the others, but eventually we all get drawn to scents that have positive connotations – they make us think of a certain memory, they make us feel joyful or powerful.

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We might have many ideal scents and there is nothing wrong about it. Just like our mood changes, your scented preferences might change too. You probably quickly discovered that you tend to go for different scent during the summer than during the colder months. You might use a different scent when you need to give yourself some extra confidence before a job interview and a different one when you are going for a family dinner. Perhaps through your scent, you want to rebel against common presumptions about how you should be, how others want you to be. You might look like a delicate, very feminine lady but all you want to smell like is a heavy tobacco-based perfume, with a hint of leather. Because that’s truly you. Perhaps your appearance is very masculine, you are extremely confident and strong, but you feel like wearing a fruity fragrance. It’s all good. That’s exactly how it should be. Perfumes are not there to put you in the box, but to help you embrace your inner self.

Deep in your heart, you know which scents are truly you. All it takes is going on a journey of discovery, full of different scented experiences.