Layer Like You Mean It

Have a bathroom full of fragrances you can switch about , different ones on different days with different things. Do you remember what dress you had on yesterday ? What top were you wearing three nights ago ? Well, if you can keep track of your daily fashion routine, how about doing the same with scents ? Probably as you reach for one, you will remember you wore it last Saturday while dating that hot guy. If so, pick out a scent you haven’t had once this week. 

SCENTS TAKE ON NEW LAYERS OF MEANING. Nowadays is so much easier to layer your fragrances compared to twenty years ago. There are so many options out there, you just need look out for them. Take L’Orchestre for example, and start your day with Encens Asakusa, a mystical and serene note of a journey to the Holy temple, have a little prayer before your day starts, we guarantee a total blessing. As sun goes up, right after your lunch break we recommend one drop of Rose Trombone. It will blend just magically, bringing you a jazzy feel, an exchange of magnetic glances during a torrid solo trombone in a garden full of roses. By the end of the day you will be recalling your Spanish adventures on notes of a flamenco guitar with Flamenco Neroli, after all is all about music. 

Fragrance does play a huge role in your outfit and how fun is it making it a daily routine to a daily ritual filling your days with all the magical scents out there. Bliss!

Elena Oprescu