Scented Emotional Beings

Climate change, plastic war, robotics! Life became a little bit crazy, lines are blurred and era of fake news? Who cares about the stress, anxiety and expectations , we all know the future is female and everything is designed for doing stuff: wandering around with friends, going to the newest bar, booking the latest bootcamp class or deciding at the last minute to go on a city trip. 


When it comes to women’s fashion you better hold on ! It gets weird and complicated and you wonder “who is this cool London girl and why is she smelling so good? What does she act like?” We have the answer : she does what she wants and she built a brand on that. She puts on the clothes she likes and spray a fragrance according to her mood, each day another one. Could we be overcomplicating the question of what this modern woman wants? Probably everything, after all is her world and she deserves to be happy. 

To live in a metropolitan city or just to be part of the online world is to actually see symbols and images entangled in a way that previous generations would have never dreamed; to be young is to be engaged in the world and its troubles and obsessions. A real rebel is immortal, is what she feels when she wears Manos Gerakinis perfume - Immortelle. She does not have any fears nor is confused about the world. She accepts challenges of pain, yearning and fatigue, and she gets inspired to create a name: the house of Bel Rebel, a place where anyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self-discovery and to facilitate greater understanding and connection between people. Believe it or not, it all starts with a sniff. At Bel Rebel we have developed a different way of sniffing fragrances according to feelings because olfaction is one of human’s most powerful senses. Our sense of smell can ignite memories as well as influence our mood and behaviour. With the help of Centre for Nonviolent Communication we have selected the most common feelings and associated them with our selection of niche brands.

  • ENGAGED. Stay focused with a spray of peppermint, this energising scent will strengthen your powers with the therapeutic properties of anti-inflammatory, and power to relax your nerves. Give yourself a fresh start with Ideo - Tarbouch Afandi Eau de Parfum.

  • EXCITED. For centuries, sandalwood has reserved a place of dignity and respect in many civilizations and religions of the world, especially in Hinduism, where it is considered holy and indispensable in almost all of the social and religious rituals and ceremonies . Feel de excitement of an opulent experience with The House of Oud - Golden Powder.

  • INSPIRED. During ancient times, neroli oil was essential in helping combat insecurities and nervousness. The ancient Egyptian priests and priestesses used this oil to heal their bodies and minds, to leave space for creativity. Regenerate your brain with a spray of L’orchestre - Flamenco Neroli.

  • JOYFUL. How else would you feel wearing your favourite jeans and walking barefoot on the beach? Absolutely blissful! Offering you the erotic vanilla undertones, Jeroboam - Insulo will simply help you to unleash your inner rebel.

  • PEACEFUL. Capturing the essential spirit of your mind this week with a selection of roses along with a handful of grapes pearls and leaves. Just a quick reminder of autumn with The House of Oud - Grape Pearls

  • REFRESHED. When life gives you lemons, make yourself a lemonade. Presents your life as a sequence of stories and events that set to inspire, explore and create unique experiences. Widian - Black V has been created to be just magnificent for you.

  • CONFUSED by too many new adventures? Beach bonfires, first dates, party crashing, or simply barhopping alone on a rainy night? Like a scarf, wear Imaginary Authors -Cape Heartache in the fall and winter and observe how people gravitate to your warmth.

  • EMBARRASSED with your wealth or obsession for perfume ? Fulfil your destiny with a cup of tangerine, add few slices of grapefruit, sprinkle dashes of vanilla, and voila… Atelier Flou - Liva Eau De Parfum leaves you wanting more and more to become the diva you are.

  • No PAIN, no gain is the rule when it comes to gaining happiness from increasing our competence at something. Imaginary Authors - Every Storm a Serenade  comes as a meditative masterwork that will lull you with its well-designed sentences and intimate tone. Heart notes of eucalyptus will relieve all the pain, in the end, you know after rain always comes sun.

  • TENSE with no sense, is totally human. The advantages of lavender in Histoires de Parfums - Veni are meant to lower your levels of anxiety. The calming effect of lavender will alleviate emotional symptoms , also could have a beneficial effect on insomnia and depression, according to a recent study on female students. Spray it before you sleep and happy dreaming!

  • ANGRY. Researchers have shown that a lemon aroma can lower your heart rate in just ten minutes, helping to calm you down so that your mind and body are ready for sleep. It’s not just lemon aroma that is good for you though. The scents of other citrus fruits such as oranges and limes can also have a positive impact as they boost serotonin, a hormone that makes you feel happy . Find your inner peace with Jeroboam - Oriento.

  • DISQUIET. A quick burst or splash of any of these jasmine scented toiletries is sure to brighten your mood and invigorate your senses at any time of the day, all year round. The House Of Oud - Almond Harmony has been created with a mix of fruity notes where the almond blossoms first indicating birth and resurrection. The sweetness of its fruits contributes to create an harmonious atmosphere of optimism in which things find their own place.

  • SADNESS. With its floral and fruity aroma full of warmth and woody undertones, rosewood essential oil is believed to ease the symptoms of stress and nervousness and is said to balance the emotions. The House Of Oud - Blessing Silence, a fragrance inspired by the night that casts a veil of peace and quiet on the desert as it falls. The concerns of the day evaporate, leaving room for a state of thanks and well-being where you can feel yourself for what you really are, no need to be sad, you are amazing.

Natalia Mizejewska