It's Getting Hot In Here


How to survive the heat in the city? As simple as it sounds remember to stay hydrated and choose natural fabrics to wear. Try to avoid the sun when it’s the strongest and use sun creams with great filters.

And although we sometimes tend to give up on perfumes when the temperature is scorching, the light sillage of fragrance can always make your day a bit better. Especially when you’re stuck in the office, grateful for air-conditioning, but totally jealous of the Out of Office set on e-mails of some of your colleagues.

In the summer, we usually go for something lighter and fresher. For many hardcore fans of niche weirdery, citrus and marine fragrances are not something they would choose at all! Let’s not forget that fresh fragrances can be also complex and interesting. If you look for a perfume for summer, don’t be scared of looking at those seemingly light ones. Knowing where to look for them, will help you avoid smelling like a mix of lemon and orange blossom, so reminiscent of your favourite washing up liquid.

Here are our three suggestions:

If you miss the smell of your sun-kissed body after a day of strolling through boulevards by the seaside, head to Bel Rebel and try Cecile by To The Fairest. It hugs your body softly and whispers your ear, it’s going to be a good day.

Saint Julep by Imaginary authors promises crushed ice, which can work perfectly as a remedy for such high temperatures. Imagine a warm summer evening which you decide to make even nicer with a glass of bourbon on the rocks.

Finally, try Jack, which can mislead you at first, with its straightforward lime and mandarin orange. Maybe you can detect a hint of cannabis, giving this almost cologne-like fragrance some naughtiness. The peppery dry down of Jack shows its casual yet strong character.

What those three fragrances have in common? Well, To The Fairest and Jack are British brands, Imaginary Authors are from Portland, Oregon, USA. Longing for a sunny getaway?

Maybe. You can also plan yours with a scent in mind.

Imaginary Authors - Saint Julep Eau de Parfum
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