Perfumes inspired by travelling

Eight & Bob - Egypt
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It is difficult to capture a smellscape (a smell of a certain place) of a whole city, region or even country. I imagine the creators would choose an aspect of the place that they find particularly inspiring or appealing. Many of the interpretations are not going to be literal, but highly metaphorical. The aim is not to guess straightaway a place behind the fragrance, but to be able to connect the story you are told with the smell you sniff. Some of them will resonate with you more than the others, but regardless they can tell you a lot about how perfumers perceive the world. 

Egypt – Eight & Bob 

Albert Fouquet visited his childhood friend in Egypt in 1935. Alongside catching up with the friend, he had an opportunity to investigate the oils and essences which use can be traced back thousands’ years. Eight & Bob consequently brings back the stories of its creator travels, which meant to inspire him to create the perfumes. Egypt is warm and spicy, rather masculine fragrance with a classic feel. While sniffing Egypt, it brings back memories of rather recent, not ancient times. 

London – Widian

Abu Dhabi-based perfume house Widian opened their new Sapphire line with a fragrance named London. The founder says that his London is inspired by the city’s aristocratic history, gentlemen’s clubs and fog. If you look carefully, that vibe can be still found in London, but it’s getting more and more of a tale about London, rather than it’s everyday face. Perfume has the power to evoke memories of different times and places, which was well exercised in this creation. Not only London, but London long lost, which we can only imagine.

Encens Asakusa – L’Orchestra Parfum

This fragrance is inspired by holy temples of Tokyo and a sound of koto, traditional Japanese instrument. The multisensory experienced, offered thanks to the music by Fumie Hihara, created as an interpretation of the perfume, will help you feel like you are there, just across the street from the temple. For those unfamiliar with the smell of Japanese temples, incense known from any churches or cathedrals has similar vibe to it. So, in a way, Encens Asakusa smells like a city break, when you sightsee those old sacred buildings and you are overwhelmed by their monumental constructions.

1889 Moulin Rouge – Histoires des Parfum

Moulin Rouge is perhaps the most famous cabaret in the world, birthplace of cancan. Earlier often accused of debauchery, nowadays it’s more of a tourist destination. In there, the Belle Époque never ended though. How did it smell at the end of the nineteenth century? Histoires de Parfum attempted to capture its scent and created the powdery floral perfume that feels like a mix of vintage fragrances, lipsticks and cosmetics, just like, I imagine, the backstage of the Moulin Rouge would smell.