Dimitri Weber of Goldfield & Banks

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1.     What was the starting point for Goldfield and Banks?

For me, Australia has a unique offer in terms of beauty and botanicals. Countries such as France, Italy and India with a rich variety in flora have perfumes because it makes sense right?  I was always very intrigued by the fact that Australia has no fragrances despite the fact that it produces all the essences you can dream of but no one ever paid tribute to them. Also, Australians are becoming very strong in fashion, art and beauty and people here have a real personality and vision of beauty: wild, exotic and outspoken. 

2.     Who wears your perfume?

Everybody who dreams of exotic destinations, people who value hard to get fragrances and lovers of exceptional raw materials that are not available in Europe. Also, our customers value the fact that our perfumes are not overwhelming and very wearable and pleasant to wear on any occasion. They smell natural yet sophisticated and are gender-neutral. Also our best seller Pacific Rock Moss has become a real phenomenon and hype online.

3.     How do you capture the essence of the place in the perfume?

After being 25 years in the luxury fragrance industry and working with the big brands, it is hard to find some inspiration in Europe as it seems that everything has been done already and everything looks the same and the stories become sometimes ridiculous. So when I travelled to Australia for the first time I discovered a bit like Joseph Banks did in 1770 all the extraordinary botanical beauty of this country and felt very inspired. It’s such an untapped land, rugged, surprising, rich and spectacular. The colours, the variety of plants and flowers seem endless and that is exactly what perfume should be all about: paying a tribute to nature!

So I don’t necessarily capture the essence of a place but I highlight the origin of the key ingredient in the perfume. With Goldfield & Banks, we are more into working with ingredients and getting the inspiration from this botanical resource rather than being inspired by a place. Every perfume will tell you were the key native ingredient in the perfume comes from.

4.     Which perfumes would you take on a desert island?

Pacific Rock Moss is such a delight and this is probably the first thing I would take with me because it brings comfort and freshness which you will need on a deserted island. 

5.     Do you believe in the idea of a signature scent?

I believe in fragrances reflecting your personality at every moment of the day and night. It’s good to have a variety of fragrances but you will always notice you always tend to go back to the one that offers you the most joy and pleasure and brings a smile on your face when you walk out the bathroom. So yes, a signature scent finishes off and enhances your personality. 

6.     How do you imagine the future of perfumery?

I think perfumery will shift to what we call the use of niche fragrances. Customers are looking more and more for original perfumes and being able to play around with them and change very often. Fragrances with a real story and a soul are what I believe the future will be. In our company, we like to highlight the use of lots of natural ingredients and sourced from sustainable businesses such as farmers in the West or North of the country. Giving back to the community is important. There is so much involved when it comes to creating and producing perfumes here in Australia and it’s good to share with the world the people you work with as they make your brand and not necessarily you alone. Fragrances also need to be environmentally friendly. We don’t use plastic and all cartons are recyclable or biodegradable. We favour less packaging and invest more quality in our perfumes and respect for the environment. 

I also think that offering tailor-made services online is the future, offering exclusive products only available online are the trend.

7.     Do you have a scent memory from childhood?

My parents had a boat in France and I can vividly remember on the canals the smell of the water dripping along the walls of the ship locks when the boat was moving down. It was so pure and fresh and it will always bring me back to my childhood. The smell of innocence. Also the smell of my first girlfriend, she was wearing Shalimar of Guerlain… so Parisian and forever the smell of love!

8.     Do you always use perfume? If not, what’s the situation when you don’t wear them?

I sometimes skip a Saturday … just having no fragrance makes you feel relaxed and in a way, it cleanses your mind. But in general, I will always wear fragrance. 

9.     What makes you a rebel?

I hate conventions and patterns and I dislike to be dictated. When I first launched Goldfield & Banks nobody had heard of Australian fragrances and only a few believed in it but I proved them to be wrong. It was my rebel heart that triggered me to do something different. 

10.   Describe Goldfield and Banks in three words to someone who knows nothing about perfumes?