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In our boutique at 32 Seymour Place, you can get a copy of Nez, a magazine dedicated to the olfactory culture and perfumery and also two ingredients notebooks published by authors of Nez in collaboration with Laboratoire Monique Levy, taking into focus rose and narcissus. 

Reading about the history of rose in the perfume industry, the plantations of the flowers and its many possible uses inspired us to have a closer look at the perfumes at Bel Rebel with a strong rose note. Rose, in perfumery, can be very versatile. Being obsessed with a certain rose scent, you can detest the other. Some of those supposedly straightforward rose fragrances can have different faces. 

IDEO Roses de Grasse (Parfum de Lingerie) – The lingerie series by IDEO is not meant to be used directly on your skin. Those scents are perfect however to be sprayed on your beddings and bathing robes, leaving a light and cosy silage of perfume, floating around your bedroom. Grasse Rose, Turkish Rose and Bulgarian Rose meet in this fragrance creating a mesmerizing floral composition. Accompanied by white musks and some green notes make the scent ideal for your bedroom. 

According to its authors, Rose Poetique by Manos Gerakinis is a tribute to the Damask Rose, considered to the noblest and precious type of rose used for centuries in perfumery. In this composition, the rose is accompanied by saffron and rhubarb thanks to which the fragrance becomes a little bit fruity and spicy. The base notes, vanilla, cashmere wood, sandalwood and musks make fragrance’s dry down cosy and warm. 

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 Finally, aldehydic Rose Trombone by L’Orchestra. Inspired by a jazz club music in Harlem, this fragrance shows that thanks to aldehydes the rose might become nearly metallic and cold. We tend to think of roses as very sensual flowers, and even in this version, the perfume can be considered as such. But simultaneously, it’s a very clean and sharp scent, perfectly showing a different face of the rose. Of course, these are not the only rose fragrances at Bel Rebel boutique. We have recently expanded our offer and added over 30 new lines to our selection. Have a look at Rose Arabia, Tea Rose and some of the Histoires de Parfums to discover even more faces of rose. 


Ideo - Roses de Grasse Parfum de Lingerie
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