Back to the office

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I know, sometimes we all want to wear to the office the most heavy-duty scent out of our collection because last week someone commented that it smells like a musty basement around there. It happened to be your new musk, which you were debating to get all month.

But in this matter, we often need to compromise.

Ideally, you don’t want to wear something which you can’t smell anymore before the lunchtime. It needs to be uplifting, just in case, it’s one of those days when day lasts way too long. And, as much as I don’t want to use this word – should it be empowering too?

E. Coudray Eau de Toilettes selection – Eau de Toilette is always lighter than Eau de Parfum. What it means is that a lower percentage of perfume oil is diluted in alcohol. Therefore, Eau de Toilettes sillage will not be as strong as the one of Eau de Parfumes. E. Coudray offers simple combinations and some are named after two main ingredients of the scent: Musc & Freesia or Vanille & Coco. This straightaway gives you an idea of what scent you can expect.

Ideo Parfum de Lingerie – the series is meant to be used on fabrics, rather than your body.

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In effect, their projection is different than your standard eau de toilette. As it is suggested they should be used in bedroom, on textiles and bathing robes, I am pretty sure there will be just fine on your shirt, leaving a delicate mist of cosy feminine fragrance, which will not bother anyone around but succeed to make you feel uplifted.

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Rose Arabia – Widian’s selection of perfumes can for many be overwhelming. Their powerful scents float intensively around for many hours after spraying. The creators of the brand have recently released a new series, called Rose Arabia. Lily, Taifi and Almond are delicate but full of character compositions. Those three fragrances have a spirit of Widian but are much lighter, office-friendlier versions.

Of course, you don’t need to give up on your favourites just because someone doesn’t like it equally much! Maybe you’ve been just using too much of it? What’s worth remembering is that, because you are the one wearing the perfume, you get used to this scent very quickly. That’s why we often feel that we don’t smell it anymore while everyone around still does. Remembering about this can prevent splashing way too much perfume too often – and your favourite Extrait de Parfum becomes more office-friendly!