How to make a perfume last longer?

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How to make a perfume last longer?

That’s the question you definitely asked yourself at some point. You bought a bottle of perfume with the most beautiful scent. Turns out you can’t actually smell it after a very short time.

How long is long enough? You might ask yourself too, and that’s what perfume creators and noses ask themselves as well. It is a difficult one. As you probably know, there are Eau de toilettes, Eau de parfums and extraits de parfum. What hides behind these three names differentiating fragrances is the percentage of the oil diluted in the alcohol. Eau de toilettes will have the lowest percentage and extraits the highest. However, so many of the perfumes are Eau de parfums and their longevity still differs so much! The amount of oil will still differ in different bottles of Eau de perfum. 

Okay, let’s say you already bought this particular perfume – there is no way you can change the percentage of oil in it. You still feel that it disappears from your skin instantly. Many other factors can impact it which have nothing to do with the oil percentage. 


How do you store your perfume? At the end of the day, perfumes are chemical formulas and like other chemical formulas like to be stored in a dark and cool environment. If you would still rather have your beautiful bottles somewhere outside a dark box, try at least not to expose them to direct sun. The bathroom is not a good idea either – the temperature changes there very often, which will also negatively affect the fragrance. 

Skin hydration:

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Your skin hydration has a big impact too. On drier skin, the perfume will not last that long. A good option is to use non-scented hydrating lotion and apply perfume over it. Spraying perfume on your neck and wrists is what we usually do and yes, it’s a very good technique. These places are known as the pulse points which means that your skin heats more there. Make sure you spray some also on the back of your neck and behind the ears too! 

Where to spray it?:

Spraying perfume on hair and clothes it’s also quite a popular option. Well, I am not sure if everyone advises to spray it on hair – at the end of the day, perfume contains alcohol which may dry your hair. That’s what makes hair mists and perfumes so popular lately. It’s difficult to refrain from spraying it on your hair as it helps to smell the perfume for a longer time whenever you move your head. Many brands came up with special formulas dedicated for the use on hair. Spraying some oil-heavy fragrances may stain your clothes, so it is another aspect you should be careful about.

And lastly, are you sure others cannot smell it too? Your nose gets quickly used to the scent, so in effect, you stop smelling properly. But for others, it can be still pretty noticeable.  

Kamila Kilian