In the Press... August 2019

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We can’t believe that summer is almost finished now. Hoping you still have time for some casual reading and relax, we prepared August selection of articles and events that discuss fragrances from our selection. This time, a bigger focus on perfumes classified “for men” as they’ve been mentioned a few times in the lists and guides of magazines such as Tatler and GQ. We’re very excited to share with you some features mentioning new addictions to our boutique: Eight & Bob and Goldfield & Banks. For those unfamiliar with Eight & Bob, the brand’s story is definitely worth checking out! If you haven’t caught up with our previous posts, you can read there an exclusive interview with Dimitri Weber, the founder of the Australian brand. His fragrances have been mentioning a couple of times during August, and it’s heartwarming to see such a buzz about perfume brand from so far away. And if you're lucky enough to be on the other side of the ocean, we’re also sharing below a link to the event with Dimitri. Enjoy the reading!

Eight & Bob Original is included in the list of fresh fragrances for men perfect for all year long in Tatler Malaysia. Read more here:

 Review of Immortelle by Manos Gerakinis has been published at Cafleurbon. Read more to find out if it’s a scent for you:

Earlier this year Caufleurbon has also talked about Goldfield and Banks Velvet Splendour. Read more here:

Wood Infusion by Goldfield & Banks was included in GQ guide to best men’s fragrances and aftershaves of 2019. Read the full guide here:

If you like getting lost in YouTube search, looking for vloggers talking about fragrances, you can watch a review of Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors by Robes08:

And finally, if you’re nearby Berwick, Australia, you can meet Dimitri Weber, the founder of Goldfield & Banks, in person. Follow the link:

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