Your perfect autumn scent

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Let’s face it. We cannot longer pretend it is still summer out there. Autumn is here and it’s time to take out the cosiest knitwear and raincoats. Ideally, I would also cover myself up with a blanket, light up a candle and read a book while listening to the pouring rain. Well, we all need to leave the house eventually and that’s when it’s time when the cosiest, the warmest fragrances help us to go throughout the grey and damp London. Or anywhere you are. 

The Different Company – Adjatay Cuir Narcotique 

The Different Company is the newest addition to Bel Rebel boutique. Their Cuir Narcotique is not your usual leather fragrance. The story behind it says that it was inspired by a single tuberose flower left in an old leather bag. In the beginning, you can detect a hint of mandarin, so different from any other citrus note. The sharp scent of tuberose, ylang-ylang and jasmine changes into warm, old leather. Slightly rubbery, slightly oily. Sensual and narcotic. 

Imaginary Authors – Memoirs of a Trespasser 

Inspired by the writings of Philip Sava, who used to say, “who needs love when you have cognac?”. The perfume invites us for one kind of a journey, an exotic, almost narcotic, travel. The dry sweetness of vanilla, almost overwhelming, in combination with guaiac wood, myrrh and benzoin result in a comforting, warm scent with a hint of the dusty air. 

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Histoires de Parfums - Ambre 114  

Amber, with its warm, sweet and woody scent, is a sure choice for autumn. It is one of those perfume ingredients that give you an instant hug, much needed when outside is cold and unwelcoming. Ambre 114 has a rather spicy, oriental opening, thanks to nutmeg. It gets powdery with time, and perhaps you could track a slightly vintage-like vibe to it too. For a moment, you will catch some green notes too – this will be geranium.  

 The House of Oud – Almond Harmony 

Almond Harmony does stand up to its name. It is not almonds amongst other things but first and foremost almonds, very strong, reminiscent of the almond extract you can add to a cake. Somehow bitter. You should check it out even if you’re not the biggest fan of gourmands. Tonka and vanilla give this fragrances creaminess and with time, it becomes sweet and balsamic.