BEL REBEL was created in a rebel city by a rebel person with a rebel team. London-based we make scents that are as bold and unique as the city that inspired us. Sustainability is our creed with upcycled materials being used for our paper packaging. The scents comprises of both organic and synthetic materials to offset the resources. These powerful fragrances filled in 69ml bespoke bottles emerged amidst pandemics, the brand has risen to the challenges, surpassing all expectations. Our ethos reflects a fearless approach to metamorphosis, constantly pushing boundaries and shattering norms. BEL REBEL exudes daring courage and creativity. Bold, unapologetic, and full of personality. Honing in on a distinctive sense of aesthetics across gourmand scents that is often amplified to an extraordinary levels. The brand was launched with hope to make personal impact on its audiences and as such everything that we do relates to the same principle of beauty subverted, levels to be determined as we go along.

Making a statement through remarkable compound combinations. Pushing the boundaries and having the audacity. Being bold is the catalyst that propels us towards the extraordinary with daring blends that defy convention. It’s the art of making a statement so remarkable that it can’t be ignored.

Our perfumes are cruelty-free, predominantly vegan, with upcycled paper packaging. Scents are created without compromising ethics by using a mix of raw materials and synthetics, while protecting precious resources and local communities. Sustainability is an ever evolving goal and we welcome any criticism and suggestions that improves our objectives, as a brand we acknowledge the fact that we live in unsustainable world and that we are not able to claim a position of ‘sustainable brand’ as such a thing does not yet exist. We take all efforts into practice, continuously improving, working within our communities and taking the necessary risks to keep on moving along more traditional outlooks.

Trusting our intuition, and disregarding trends in favour of our own experimentation. Taking risks and venturing on our own paths to vessel fragrances that are exceptionally distinct. Our primary focus has always been on plugging particular gaps, even if it costs us criticism, the greater the backlash, the more we know we’re doing something exceptional. And there’s nothing bolder than creating an entirely new fragrance category from scratch, one bottle at a time.

Exploring the realm of unconventional and overlooked ingredients has gifted us with a palette of imaginative resources, honing in on a distinctive sense of aesthetics that is often amplified to extraordinary levels. We are totally present and drenched in our self-constructed universe of creativity with no fears or limits, delivering at every single level from scents to design.

Indulging in the delectable world of gourmands, it seems there is always room for more varieties to discover. As we join the ranks of walking gourmands ourselves, we can’t help but wonder what other scrumptious creations we have yet to discover. The sweet possibilities ahead are endless, and we can’t wait to indulge in every last one.

We truly comprehend our independence which opens the door to pursuing an entirely unique avenues. Taking the necessary time to carefully select partners that align with our vision and dive deep into exploring diverse, market specific, opportunities. Most of all having earned the industry’s trust allows us to pave the way forward not following specific norms. We have worked tirelessly to get here, building our brand from the ground up. We are fiercely independent, and will remain so against all odds.

A sense of humour is implicit. At the core of our brand is a playful spirit that seeps into every aspect of what we do. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, because ultimately, we’re just a bunch of imperfect humans doing the best we can. We take joy in the little things, and we want to share it with you, because at the end of the day, it’s people who make our brand what it is. Fun is contagious and has large imprint on us all, what better relationships we can develop than the ones from within the brand, which then transcends across all our channels.

We reject dated notions of gender and age specific fragrance. BEL REBEL believes in breaking down barriers and stereotypes of gender and age when it comes to fragrance. We offer an inclusive and diverse selection of scents, leaving it up to our audiences to choose what best suits their individual tastes and preferences. Say bye to outdated ideas and hello to personal freedom of authentic expression.

With our freedom to carve our own path, we’re exploring groundbreaking avenues through strategic partnerships. Our meticulous approach means we only team up with visionaries who share our passion for diverse market opportunities. And with our partners fully integrated into our team, we’re breaking free from traditional constraints and blazing our own trail. Less of following and more of breaking the norms is expected from everyone onboard. We learn as we go along continuously evolving.

We aim to simplify what’s overly complicated and glamorised, believing that radical honesty is the way forward. Our philosophy is refreshingly simple - we cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter. We’re not interested in playing up to the hype or putting on airs; we believe that honesty is the best policy, and that straightforwardness is the way forward. This approach isn’t just limited to the world of fragrance - we think it’s a philosophy that can be applied to any industry, and one that will serve us all well in the long run.