We are committed to becoming a cleaner & greener BEL REBEL. Our efforts — towards becoming a more sustainable company, to be held accountable and to never stop improving — focus on 6 key pillars. We always prioritise end to end supply chain to reflect the fair policies are employed in a cruelty free manner.

In addition of having INCI list on the packaging of every product in our collection, we also share information about our formulas, packaging materials and our manufacturing approach. We include an origin of each raw material on the map of our product page.

We use both synthetic and organic ingredients to offset the negative impact of exploiting the earth while we struggle to produce enough food for the society. There must be a fair compromise between what we can do and should not do. What we can do today is as follows: Use raw materials where there is no negative impact on the environment and its communities. Indicate the country of origin for using the raw materials to general public. Continuously review our formulas to ensure the improvements can be made.

We ship all our boxes in a branded shipping boxes, which include a call to action to reuse and recycle with us. All of our secondary packaging is in 30% upcycled, giving a second life to the coffee cups as an example. Colorants are responsibly used together with the careful water usage. We reduced the sizing of our packaging and shipment boxes to increase efficiency. We are developing refillable packaging solutions for our best selling perfume products.

We communicate openly with our audiences providing them with an ultimate choice. We do acknowledge that we live in unsustainable world and with this is not possible for us to be called a sustainable brand as such term in real life does not exist. We do make a promise however that we will take all the measures to constantly evolve and pave the way in sustainable efforts that we can make.

Making our own bespoke bottles allowed us to: Use the grammage of glass only necessary to produce our bottle other than making it look expensive. No magnet in the cap.

We do not discriminate production wise, we do not believe that one nation is better than the other. We evaluate our partners on a merit basis. We live in a complicated times and feeling the impacts on fragrance production, a key lifeline for so many businesses. Suppliers say emotional support, flexible contracts and consistent orders are the best way for brands to help across the production cycle. This is what we do and in awe of this wherever we produce our products at home, in the UK or abroad on any continent we have the same attitude towards the production lines, management of the production cost and sustainability policies. Along with a fair treatment and reward system.