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When it came to choose the suitable bottle size, we couldn’t see another way than working with bespoke bottles. We carefully considered various sizes, but none seemed to capture the essence of our brand quite like one special number - 69 truly ignited our senses.

In astrology, it holds both luck and mystery. Did you know that when you flip it upside down, it remains the same? Making our communication easy, and that's just the beginning. In mathematics it's the only natural number whose square and cube contain every digit from 0 to 9 exactly once. Talk about how unique and special this is!

In symbology, 69 is often associated with the yin and yang, representing balance and harmony. And let's not forget the symbolism of love. When people are attuned to each other, they share unique connection and understanding. It's like the magical bond that the number 69 represents.

Numerology reveals that 69 is a symbol of idealism and harmony. It embodies compassion, making it an outstanding choice. This number is like a philosopher and idealist, always seeking the best way of being and doing. It remains open to different perspectives and is willing to change its own ideals based on new insights. When 69 takes a prominent position in a numerology chart, it exudes an inviting and open energy. It thrives when surrounded by a supportive team that aligns with its ideals.

Picture a loving environment filled with teammates and friends who share an ideal philosophy and outlook on life. That's the essence of 69 and in a way an essence of creating our 69ml fragrance bottle filled with dreams and aspirations. Although not everything is achievable yet, 69 paves the way, it became a symbol of our strength.

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