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perky paper

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perky paper

Our packaging is made out of Vanguard paper, the eco-conscious choice for our packaging. Made with 30% upcycled fibre, it gives new life to recovered materials while also using sustainable forestry sources. With no compromise on performance or beauty, you can feel good about choosing Vanguard. Our partnership with James Cropper showcases the importance of sustainability in the fragrance world. We challenge global giants by appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. The FibreBlend upcycled technology allows us to offer both ready-to-use and custom papers that are not only stunning and functional, but also help reduce waste.

Our bold colour choices reflect the unique personality of our brand, making the world a more colourful place. Each shade tells a story, conveying the charisma of our scents. From the moment you see our products, you'll be captivated by the seamless connection between scent and packaging. Our designs are mindful of materials. We use only what is necessary, reducing waste and environmental impact. Our stripes are ink-free, featuring our distinctive branding and a series of carefully placed perforations. This commitment to sustainability extends from the ingredients used in our fragrances to the packaging itself.

We launched in a challenging era, but our experiences have shaped our brand identity. Our scents evoke emotion and create a nostalgic experience, with unique combinations of ingredients. We source all our ingredients ethically and package them sustainably. As we recognise the need for change in our unsustainable world, we are committed to responsible production. By adopting circular practices and partnering with James Cropper, a leader in sustainable solutions, we can be a brand that not only thrives today but also paves the way for a better tomorrow. With the focus on upcycled fibre, responsible sourcing, and eco-friendly practices, we can showcase our product's personality without harming our ecosystem.

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