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to us ...& the pea while for him always his sweet petit pois

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to us ...& the pea while for him always his sweet petit pois

For all the happy moments he would have ever known and for every note he has chosen with such a care and calmness, he thought of everything and honed into our world from his own. The enchanting world of Jean-Christophe Hérault, a master perfumer who carefully chooses his notes to create captivating scents is a work of art. His creations are like fragments of life, leaving a lasting imprint in our memories, a magic encounter that however brief you can never forget. With his enormous talent transporting us to a place without limitations. His sweet petit pois takes you on a journey of imaginative power.

We witnessed as Jean-Christophe embraced his true essence as a dreamer and observer which became the key to his artistic expression, as he weaves memories into beautiful scents. His ability to imagine and tell stories fuels our hearts. Within the realm of his thoughts, time stands still and originality flourishes. Experience the smallest details embraced in the essence of his creations, forever indebted to his hard labour, endurance and beautiful fantasies.

While for him it will always remain a sweet petit pois to us is …& the pea, where two geo locations and contrasting minds worked together resulted in a labour of love to say the least. All we could see are the flames of burning passion looking into his eyes as he was not afraid to feel, what he knew was real, for a long before we were. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Jean-Christophe. We hope our latest creation …& the pea sweetly captures your heart as it captured ours.

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