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How would a rose smell if it grew on plastic? If we destroy its environment, do we deserve its scent? Unrequited explores the tension between nature and destruction in an avant-garde fragrance which distorts the suffocating sweetness of rose, leaving the familiar floral scent always just out of reach.


Top Notes: Rose Oxide, Aldehydes

Heart Notes: Bulgarian Rose Oil, Rose Absolute Moroccan, Black Pepper

Base Notes: Saffron, Musks

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We are committed to becoming a cleaner & greener BEL REBEL. Our efforts – towards becoming a more sustainable company, to be held accountable and to never stop improving – focus on 6 key pillars. You can read more about our sustainable initiatives here.

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“A guide to the most sustainable beauty brands and their environmentally friendly initiatives”

“Get googling Bel Rebel Air, a sophisticated spritz that blends classic woods with birch tar (never heard of it? Don’t worry, just know it smells ah-mazing”

“Ever wonder what those garish plastic roses sold on city sidewalks would smell if they actually had a fragrance? Probably not, but if your curiosity is now piqued, pick up a bottle of Bel Rebel’s Unrequited.”

“Bel Rebel Bubble Gum takes the theme more literally and even manages to have a powdery facet to it. Wearing it got me as close as I was going to get to those sugar-spiked mornings of freedom, coins jangling in my pocket and not a care in the world.”

“Utterly unique, Unrequited from the innovative brand with sustainability at its heart imagines an earthy redolent rose accented by rose oxide, aldehydes, saffron and musk.” 

“Championing transparency, sustainability and activism, newly launched Bel Rebel takes traditional fragrance profiles and subverts them, adding in unexpected twists and provocative elements more in tune with rebellious, young consumers”. 

“This perfume literally smells like bubblegum, and I’ve never gotten so many compliments from strangers as I do when I wear it.”

“Among the most interesting certainly stands out the new arrival in the Bel Rebel house. It’s called …& the pea and it is an olfactory interpretation of a pod of fresh, gelatinous and very green peas ‘almost too green to be true’ A cocktail of super pop molecules”.

“Perhaps the most truly subversive thing about Bel Rebel is the understanding that the customer of the now and of the future appreciates radical transparency over the smoke and mirrors of the beauty and fashion ads of yore”.

“For the free spirit in your life, this bewitching blend of energising sage, cleansing palo santo and calming cedar makes the most soul-soothing scent.”